Fastest EU Lasting Residency % Tax Cyprus Regulation 6.2

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This may possibly be the most straightforward lasting residency in the EU! At the exact time, you can just take edge of the great tax cure.

We by now talked about some superior and beautiful residencies in the EU: we talked about Malta and Portuguese Golden Visa. This time we are discussing Cyprus.
This method has been updated recently, and this update is generating it more eye-catching than it used to be.

If you want to get Cyprus everlasting residency you will will need to make an financial investment. You will be equipped to buy household or industrial residence, invest in a business enterprise or a fund. The financial commitment requirements to be 300 000 EUR or greater.

Cyprus is an EU member state, but it is really not aspect of the Schengen zone. Cyprus made use of to have citizenship by investment decision software, but they shut it down in November of 2020.

Nonetheless, these days we are discussing their rapidly observe residency method, named Regulation 6.2.
When we say quick monitor, it suggests that you can acquire this residency in much less than 2 months.

Portuguese Golden Visa normally takes 6-12 months time, so this is quite speedier.

One particular attention-grabbing issue about this software is that you can of training course deliver your loved ones with you, but you can provide your mother and father and mothers and fathers-in-regulation to Cyprus as very well.

If you want to maintain everlasting residency you will need to have to retain this investment decision forever. If you offer the residence or provide your expenditure you will no longer qualify. This residency can lead to citizenship but you will require to truly are living in Cyprus for 7 decades.
However, if you don’t want to reside there, but continue to want to maintain this lasting residency you will just require to pay a visit to Cyprus the moment each individual two several years.

The tax rewards of this program are amazing. If you are working for a international employer you can have your wage exempt from tax. Under the Non-Dom method, your dividends and capital gains will also be exempt from tax. This is possibly the least difficult position in the EU to get zero tax.

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Writer: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Abide

    on said  

    Best second residency options for Australian day traders and investors who wish to escape the high slavery taxes based in Australia?

  2. theContainer &theContents

    on said  

    what about a trading company trading goods online — how low can they get their corporate tax rate as a cyprus company?

  3. Martini Big

    on said  

    Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  4. Nice news
    IF I have a Malta's Permanent Residency, Can I travel to European countries as a Moroccan citizen?
    Hope you answer me
    thank you

  5. grexlort

    on said  

    hey, thanks for your videos 🙂 Quick question – is it worth to do tax optimizations, if, let's say I earn 100k euros a year? My current taxation rate is 20% flat, and I'm central eu remote IT contractor.

  6. Excellent like always. Didn't understand that part you mentioned about Schengen visa. My question is if someone gets this visa, could have access to Schengen area for business, education and life?

  7. ChristianCohn

    on said  

    Question is DEFI Income like from staking or Liquid Pools etc… Is this Tax Free also or not?

  8. I remember when the Cyprus banks confiscated billions from people's bank accounts during the financial crisis. Not surprising they made it real easy for people with money to come into their country and put it in their banks.

  9. Shar S

    on said  

    Wow had no idea on the tax situation. Can be an option for me as another option in addition to UAE. Though what do I really gain if I already would have UAE real estate investment residency and a Canadian passport.

  10. Sven Meyer

    on said  

    Best Second Residency for German and South African resident? Tax Rates in Germany are ridiculous!

  11. TheGhid

    on said  

    Do shares in companies listed on the Cyprus stock exchange qualify for the residency requirements?

  12. Sandy *

    on said  

    Hi Michael,
    How Crypto to Crypto transaction is treated in Cyprus. For example if I exchange my Bitcoin into Ethereum. Is it treated as trading and taxed as business income? Is there a way to save tax if it is taxed? In this entire trade we are not cashing out digital asset in dollar or euro it is just changing the digital form.

  13. Ant B

    on said  

    Cyprus is a strange place to live. Full of Russians running offshore financial institutions (FX trading etc). Closer to Beirut than Europe. Weather is like Greece. Lots of empty apartments. Good food. Very car focused place – not good for biking or walking.

  14. Tibor Moes

    on said  

    Hi Michael – really enjoy the channel. Good work.

    This year, I've spent time in Madeira (Portugal), Dubai (UAE) and Paphos (Cyprus) to taste the lifestyle and learn about the various residential and tax setups. Spoke to PWC Cyprus last week, when I was quite surprised by what I heard: Most people (including myself until a week ago) believe that in Cyprus you can manage a local company (corporate tax 12.5%) and then pay yourself tax-free dividends as a non-dom. That's not true apparently.

    PWC told me that the tax authorities will not accept that construct. Instead, they will want you to pay a significant portion in regular salary. Although there was no guiding percentage on what this "significant portion" should be, I was told 50% would have a high change of being accepted. This makes a HUGE difference, as the regular salary will face income tax and social security.

    What are your thoughts?

  15. The Road Less Travelled

    on said  

    On reflection I'm looking for a country where I don't need to file a tax return, or a very simple one. This would make a very interesting topic to explore (to me).

  16. darren marshall

    on said  

    If you set up a holding company there and invest the 300k necessary would that count?.

  17. Yasmina Larouci

    on said  

    Hi Micheal,

    I would love to see a video on citizenship and business & personal tax in north Cyprus as supposed to just south Cyprus. I believe everything you have covered in this video is applicable for south Cyprus only. Thank you

  18. Jeremy Barlow

    on said  

    If you have been resident anywhere in the EU for 5 years wouldn't Cyprus be required under the treaty to grant permanent residency, regardless of the investment?

  19. Tutti Frutti

    on said  

    Please answer: How much taxes do domiciled residents pay on dividends from their own limited company, and are they required to pay personal taxes on top of that?

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